Here is a list of docs I’ve collected from various sources on the internet.
If you own the rights to one(or more) of these files and want it taken down… Email me More to come when I get around to it 🙂

7_Cooking with Cannabis


800 Strains with Pics


A Brief Legal History Of Marijuana

Adam Gottlieb – The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis

Adverse Effects of Cannabis

Aeroponic Design Manual

Albuquerque HL – Indoor Cannabis Garden Guide amendment_64_analysis_final

Americans for Safe Access – Aging and Medical Marijuana

Americans for Safe Access – Cancer and Medical Marijuana

An Introduction to Botanical Medicine

Oil (2)

Paul Armentano – Cannabis and the Brain a User’s Guide

Silica Additive

THC Marijuana Potency

The Art of Modern Hash Making

True Living Organics – The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors (2012)

Cannabinoids as Therapeutics


Cannabis Alchemy – D. Gold

Cannabis Grow Bible, 4th Edition

Cannabis Grow Tips From Soft Secrets

Cannabis Growing Guide – Nirvana


Chris Conrad – Cannabis Yields Dosage for Medical Marijuana

Closet Cultivator by Ed Rosenthal


Cookbook of 12 marijuana recipes

Curing Marijuana

D. Gold – Cannabis Alchemy – The Art of Modern Hash Making