There are a lot of people that have opinions on the proper way to grow marijuana, but there is no one way to grow. A simple and easy way to grow indoors for personal use starts off like this….

A trip to Amazon!

DWC Hydro setup

with that you get:

Complete 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Package With 400-Watt HPS Grow Light + DWC Hydroponic System & Advanced Nutrients

But that is not how I’m suggesting you start to learn how to grow, I feel that a soil grow would be a bit more forgiving than a DWC hydro grow. So onto the easy soil grow setup…

try this…

TopoGrow LED Grow Light Tent Kit Complete Package LED 300W Grow Light +32″X32″X63″ Indoor Grow Tent +4″ Inline Fan Carbon Filter 25FT Ducting Clips Combo Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

or whatever else you find within your price range…

you need a tent a light and some form of air circulation…

the filter isn’t required… but it is good to have..

the easiest I can suggest is a smart pot , kind soil , fox farm organic soil, seeds, and water…

add the kind soil to the bottom of the smart pot then the fox farm soil on top of that…. add your seed about half an inch down into the soil with the flat side of the seed facing up… then a little bit of water in the area you placed the seed… sit back and wait a few days for the seed to germinate and sprout…. once it comes up …. turn on your light…

If you ordered a feminized auto flowering seed (good for new growers) all you should have to do with this method is water the plant every few days when the pot is light and the soil is dry.  There is no need for extra nutrients because for an auto the fox farm has what you need to get thru the veg cycle and by the time your plant starts flowing your roots should be into the kind soil. That should take you right to harvest! All organic and no nasty chemical taste (some people can still taste chemical nutrients after the flush).

Over time you will want extra toys for your grow tent that will make your growing experience much more enjoyable, so lets get into a little Amazon shopping trip to help us 🙂

you need a ph meter to see what the alkaline / acidity level of your water/soil is.

With hydroponics you want to keep the PH range  between 5.7- 6.5, the sweet spot for hydro is 5.8 but you need a range because some nutrients can’t be used by the plant if the ph level is off.

In soil the range your looking for is between 6.0 and 7.0, but that statement is a bit misleading…  let me explain…

an indica dominant strain will like a soil mix with pH ranges above 6.5, and a more sativa dominant will likes a pH ranges of 6.5 and below.

First things first! (I almost forgot this)
PH up and PH down

a soil PH meter


a water PH meter

I don’t use or have a soil meter but I will be getting one eventually..

ppm meter to check how much nutrient is in your water.

Too much nutrient could and usually will cause your plant to get a nutrient deficiency or nutrient lockout. It will take what it needs and leave what it doesn’t need. In most cases… less is more.

yoyo hangers for your lights and other things you might need to hang.

Clip on fans for air circulation

Drying rack for harvest time

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